Roles Based Trainingrecords

Roles based training records

OSHA requires that all personnel working in or around confined spaces attend and successful complete the level based training specific to the functional role(s) he/she may be performing. Examples of such functional roles are Attendant, Entrant, Supervisor, and Rescue Team Member.  The SafetySense Management System affords employers the ability to minimize non-compliant training vulnerabilities through the assurance of training program continuity for both internal employees and external contractors.

Upon successful completion of training, the employee/contractor training credentials are presented to the employers SafetySense Administrator and the employee/contractors name is entered into the SafetySense Management System for the functional role(s) successfully trained to perform. Once an employee and/or contractors name and associated functional role(s) for which he/she has been successfully trained to perform is in the SafetySense Management System, their name will only be available for selection from the drop down menu for that particular role(s).  Simply put, if an employee and/or contractors name does not appear in the drop down menu for a particular functional role then he/she is NOT PERMITTED to perform that role… exceptions.   As the training expiry approaches for an employee/contractor, a system generated email notification is automatically sent to the employee/contractor.