SafetySense Management System™ Software delivers easy-to-use, cloud-based access to confined space information. This confined spaces locations. Additional tracking data includes building information, descriptions, and photos of confined spaces. This OSHA-compliant tool provides instant access to a variety of confined space data for multi-facility organizations.

Just to give you a quick overview, users will have the option of printing and posting the permit from the database prior to the entry. This allows for the end user to comply with the OSHA standard. The Attendant will still have the ability to complete the Attendant worksheet electronically and then upload the document once the permit has been terminated. The confined space entry procedure/pre-plan is uploaded and stored in the database. The user will access this document in the “Associated Procedures” tab, print and post along with the permit at the point of entry. Lockout / Tagout documents can be uploaded to, and printed from, the SafetySense Management System Management Database for quick access by the end user when issuing confined space entry permits. This makes the entire process safer and easier for everyone involved!