Atmospheric Monitoring Data Repository / Data Retention

Atmospheric monitoring data repository / data retention

OSHA requires atmospheric testing for evaluation of the hazards of the permit space and verification that acceptable entry conditions for entry into that space exist.

For the evaluation phase of the testing, the atmosphere of a confined space should be analyzed using equipment of sufficient sensitivity and specificity to identify and evaluate any hazardous atmospheres that may exist or arise, so that appropriate permit entry procedures can be developed and acceptable entry conditions stipulated for that space. Testing results obtained during the evaluation phase get hard-coded on the entry permit and become the acceptable ranges required for entry into a particular confined space.

For the verification phase of testing, the atmosphere of a permit space which may contain a hazardous atmosphere should be tested for residues of all contaminants identified during the evaluation phase of testing using permit specified equipment to determine that residual concentrations at the time of testing and entry are within the range of acceptable entry conditions. Results of testing (i.e., actual concentration, etc.) should be recorded on the permit in the space provided adjacent to the stipulated acceptable entry condition. Testing results obtained during the verification phases and recorded on the entry permit must be maintained for a minimum of 1 year.

Through the use of SafetySense Management System’s patented and fully integrated functionality, atmospheric testing data, and the information specific to the monitor/equipment used to collect the testing results, is entered into the on-line permit or on the printed paper version of the permit during execution at a predetermined frequency and maintained for a minimum of 1 year post permit termination.  Post permit termination, ALL atmospheric data collected can be downloaded via the atmospheric monitor’s data logging system, if applicable, and printed.  The printed atmospheric monitoring data report can then be uploaded and stored with the terminated permit and all other associated data collected during permit execution for a minimum of 1 year.